Workshop Participants Love Hands-on Learning from Stories By Hand!

Here’s a sampling of feedback from workshop evaluations:

“Great intro to ASL! I learned a lot…I hope I can remember it all! Really good insights into Deaf Culture. I could have gone on for another hour. Really great instructor!”

“The hands-on participation and practice was very helpful. Giving us library specific signs and making us practice was valuable.”

“The practical experience and learning about the history helped in understanding the ‘why’s of the language. It was an excellent workshop!”

“I liked that it was geared for our uses on the job. The instructor was very effective.”

“Kathy was very enthusiastic and incorporated many activities. Everything was very helpful!”

“The workshop gave a lot of insight on culture. It’s wonderful to experience Kathy’s enthusiasm!”

“Fun, concise, and a lot of good tips in a short time.”

“The workshop included great advice, demonstrations, resources, practical information, and a variety of techniques to incorporate ASL into programs. I wouldn’t change a thing!”

“I liked the wealth of information and resources provided and discussed. Lots of great, simple ideas to use sign language in storytimes. Having us participate was good – Kathy made us feel comfortable learning signs.”

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