Little Hands and Big Hands makes a great gift


Louise Sattler of says:

Little Hands and Big Hands cover“Looking for a great baby gift or one for new parents for the holidays? Try Little Hands & Big Hands – a book that demonstrates the basics of sign language and incorporates creative ideas for families to learn sign together! Easy to follow directions! The games included are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Early childhood educators will LOVE this book!”

Stories By Hand Featured in Baltimore’s Child


“In her presentations at libraries, child care centers, and schools, storyteller Kathy MacMillan always makes her audience members part of the show, whether it’s getting them to move their hands like butterflies, pretend to dig for treasure, or act like dinosaurs. Incorporating music, costumes, props, and, most importantly, movement, MacMillan’s goal is to keep her audience engaged while providing them with an introduction to American Sign Language (ASL).”

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Learning ASL the Fun Way

“Kathy teaches American Sign Language by combining games and clever memorization techniques in a fun-filled and interactive environment. The classes not only involve learning about the importance of Deaf Culture, but also encompass the basics of conversational sign and build upon what you, as the student, want to learn.”-Jenny M., a teen from Eldersburg, MD

Workshop Participants Love Hands-on Learning from Stories By Hand!

Here’s a sampling of feedback from workshop evaluations:

“Great intro to ASL! I learned a lot…I hope I can remember it all! Really good insights into Deaf Culture. I could have gone on for another hour. Really great instructor!”

“The hands-on participation and practice was very helpful. Giving us library specific signs and making us practice was valuable.”

“The practical experience and learning about the history helped in understanding the ‘why’s of the language. It was an excellent workshop!”

“I liked that it was geared for our uses on the job. The instructor was very effective.”

“Kathy was very enthusiastic and incorporated many activities. Everything was very helpful!”

“The workshop gave a lot of insight on culture. It’s wonderful to experience Kathy’s enthusiasm!”

“Fun, concise, and a lot of good tips in a short time.”

“The workshop included great advice, demonstrations, resources, practical information, and a variety of techniques to incorporate ASL into programs. I wouldn’t change a thing!”

“I liked the wealth of information and resources provided and discussed. Lots of great, simple ideas to use sign language in storytimes. Having us participate was good – Kathy made us feel comfortable learning signs.”

Stories By Hand Programs are Great for Active Preschoolers

“Kathy really engages preschool audiences well. My child is an extremely energetic 4.5 year old, and she really held his attention. Learning the signs was such a tangible accomplishment for him that not only was it fun, but he felt great about doing it and sharing it with others. We still use many of the signs we learned, and they are particularly great for correcting him gently in public. (I often sign “sit down” in restaurants). Also, unlike many other “art activities” I see given to preschoolers at library storytimes or the like, her projects provide high quality enrichment/reinforcement of the material presented.” – Sara, a mom from Woodbine, MD

Adaptable and Professional

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your presentation at our library. You were extremely professional, and you adapted easily to last minute changes. I thought that you were excellent in both your teaching and entertainment skills. It is no small thing to maintain a gentle authority over more than 100 young kids but you were able to do so masterfully. I think we all learned something about ASL even though it seemed as though we were just having fun.” –LeRoy A., Prince Georges County, MD

Stories By Hand Birthday Parties are a Blast

“Every year for my daughter’s birthday I generally have a large birthday party inviting all her classmates and some other friends. For Daphne’s 5th birthday party I knew the children were ready for some serious fun and I was fortunate to find Kathy MacMillan. On the day of the party I had so many things to think about that I was so thankful that Kathy was punctual, well-prepared but most importantly the kids and the adults had a blast! It definitely made the party one that will be well-remembered by all. I still get compliments and highly recommend Kathy to my friends.” –Alexis W., Marriottsville, MD