Sign Language Storytelling App for Kids

Now kids and parents, deaf and hearing alike, can enjoy and learn ASL through this cool storytelling app!  An all-deaf team at the Center for Access Technology at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, through a collaboration with Gallaudet University’s Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2), has released “The Baobab”, the first of a series of American Sign Language/English bilingual storybook applications for iPads and Android tablets.

screenshot of "The Baobab" showing a woman signing TREE.According to RIT University News:

“‘The Baobab’ tells a children’s story about a curious girl who goes on an adventure.  Parents may read the story to their young children, and they together can watch the story with a professional deaf storyteller.  Children can learn vocabulary through the 170-word index highlighted within the story. When those words are tapped, videos show the word being signed and fingerspelled…’The Baobab’ can be downloaded for $4.99 on iTunes.”

Find out more here.

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