Recommended Viewing (and program!): “Calvin Can’t Fly: An ASL Storybook”

Calvin Cant Fly: An ASL Storybook” is a new, innovative film presented in American Sign Language by Crom Saunders, animation, enhanced text, music and narrated English. The 25-minute video is based on the book about a little bird who cant fly because he spends all his time reading and dreaming. Though his differences set him apart, his knowledge ultimately saves his flock from disaster.

Director Sarah Michaelson wanted to create something where everyone can share this heartwarming story in the same space no matter their background, ability, or learning style.  The screening event is perfect for Deaf and hearing audiences, students of sign language, and young readers who benefit from experiencing stories in a visceral way.

After a successful premiere last fall, the Calvin team is now focused on bringing more interactive events to libraries, school groups, and organizations around the country. Find out more, see video samples, and learn how to request a screening for your organization at 

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