Recommended Viewing: The Story Presevation Initiative

Check this out!  The Story Preservation Initiative has teamed with acclaimed Deaf actor and storyteller Ian Sanborn to bring ASL to the stories in its “Learning Lab” archive for K-3. The first 5 are available now!

A white man with a mustache and beard signed FINALLY in ASL. He is wearing a cap and a dark grey shirt and appears against a dark blue background. The captions at the bottom of the screen say :But after a while, the storm began to pass and".

The mission of the Story Preservation Initiative is “to positively impact the lives of K-12 students through the sharing of ideas, the transformative power of story, and the development of educational materials that engage the hearts as well as the minds of young people.” SPI produces original, age-appropriate fiction and nonfiction audio stories coupled with related, hands-on, standards-aligned lesson plans and projects to deepen student engagement for meaningful, real-world relevant learning.

This free online resource is a great tool for families, students, and educators. To access the ASL stories, create your free account here.

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