Serving Deaf Patrons in the Library – Resources

Part 1 Followup

Library-specific Resources


ASL Manual Alphabet and Dictionaries 

ASL Manual Alphabet (printable .pdf)

Fingerspelling charts, practice, and fonts

Receptive Fingerspelling Practice Apps:

Online ASL Dictionaries:

  • (Browsing access free; searching from the site available for subscribers only. To search this site without an account, go to and search “Signing Savvy” followed by the word you are looking for)


Communication Tips



Recommended Clear Masks:


Deaf Culture


More Resources from Kathy MacMillan


Part 2 Follow-up

Varieties of Signing



On-Demand Video Remote Interpreting Services (subscription-based):

Video Relay Service (VRS)




More suggested resources by category:

Resources for Learning American Sign Language

Resources about Deaf Culture and History

Resources for Educators and Librarians

Resources for Signing in Storytime or the Classroom

Resources for Finding and Working with Interpreters