Small Group Booking Information


  • Single program: $130 per program plus travel expenses.
  • Back-to-Back Package (two 30-minute programs on the same theme, scheduled back to back): $200 plus travel expenses.
  • Ongoing series (Little Hands Signing): $90-$110 per session plus travel expenses. Click here for more information.


Click here for current calendar of availability.


Cancellations: Programs cancelled with less than 72 hours (3 days) notice for any reason will be billed in full including any applicable travel expenses. For programs requiring air travel, programs cancelled with less than 2 weeks (10 working days) notice for any reason will be billed in full including any applicable travel expenses.

Acts of God: Payment for cancellation of programs due to natural disasters or severely inclement weather conditions may be waived on the condition that the program is rescheduled within 3 weeks.

Mileage: Round-trip mileage will be charged according to the current IRS business mileage rate.

Early Arrival: Presenter will arrive 30 minutes prior to program start time.

Physical Setup: Due to the visual nature of Stories by Hand programs, every effort should be made to ensure that program space provides adequate lighting and clear sightlines.

Photos and Recording: Event organizers and attendees may take as many still photos as they like during the presentations. No videorecording is permitted without express permission of the presenter.

Collection Fees: Attorney’s fees and court costs will be added to the balance due if necessary to collect.

Proceeding with contractual agreement implies acceptance of terms.

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