Save the Dates! Upcoming eCourse Sessions

I’m often asked when the next sessions of my popular eCourses through the American Library Association will be. Look for registration for these 2022 ecourses to open soon!

American Sign Language for Library Staff, Level 1 eCourse begins January 24, 2022

American Sign Language for Library Staff, Level 2 eCourse begins March 21, 2022

American Sign Language for Children in Storytime or in the Classroom: A Practical Guide eCourse begins May 16, 2022

All courses feature 6 weeks of lessons (with 12 weeks to complete them) and are designed to be done at your own pace with a mix of videos, readings, discussion forums, and hands-on projects.

Complete course descriptions and registration information coming soon!

In the meantime, check out these upcoming webinars!

FAQ: eCourses and Webinars

2 thoughts on “Save the Dates! Upcoming eCourse Sessions

  1. Hi! I’m a school librarian, and I’ve taken some online ASL courses through Gallaudet in the past. Could you please tell me how much each of these upcoming eCourses costs? When will registration open? Thank you!

    • ALA handles the registration for these, so I am not sure exactly when registration will open, but it should be soon. I will post registration links as soon as they are available. ALA also sets the pricing, but I can tell that the pricing for the last round was $250 per course, with discounts available to ALA members and a bundle deal available if you registered for all 3 courses. The 2022 courses should be similar.

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