ASL Resources for Teens and Adults

Beginning American Sign Language Videocourse, Volumes 1-15 (Sign Enhancers, 1991, 1992)

This is a comprehensive videocourse designed for middle and high school students (and adults), but elementary students interested in ASL will find it just an enlightening and easy to follow.  Each video introduces new vocabulary, then shows an entirely signed segment with the “Bravo family” that uses the vocabulary and also introduces Deaf culture concepts in a seamless and entertaining fashion.

Communicating in Sign: Creative Ways to Learn American Sign Language by Diane Chambers (Fireside, 1998)

Especially appropriate for those who want to explore the language in-depth, this book offers vocabulary, grammar, ASL structure, and activities and games.

D-PAN Deaf Professional Arts Network – It’s Everybody’s Music, Volumes 1&2

American Sign Language videos of popular songs by The White Stripes, Carly Rae Jepsen, and more.  Videos are also available online at

Sign-Me-Fine by Laura Greene and Eva Barash Dicker. (Franklin Watts, 1995.)

This title goes beyond the basic information available in other books on sign
language to provide an in-depth examination of American Sign Language.



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